The Gunsta Cup III

Saturday, March 19 at 8 AM – 3 PM in PDT

Norco Running Gun IPSC Club
14995 River Rd, Corona, California 92880

Trophy match
6 Stages – 200 rounds
Limited to 120 shooters
$50 match fee


Practiscore scoring ( Squad must have one person with a device that can be used )


Pay to the order of NRG
Please send to address:
2210 Norco Dr
Norco,CA 92860


USPSA match, with the following divisions:
Limited, Limited 10, Open, Production, Single Stack, Revolver

Price: $50

register here: 

IMPORTANT! Please read:

Payment for the Gunsta Cup 3 must be received by Saturday, March 12th.
Payment information is on practiscore (, click Gunsta Cup 3) and in the email sent.

Shooters who did not pay on the due date will be taken out of the match.

Wait list will fill those spots on the night of March 12th. If you are on the wait list, you will be sent a confirmation email that you received a spot.


Goodies and giveaways for the 1st 100 registered shooters! Please email any questions to: [email protected] 

I look forward to seeing you all at the match!

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